Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Next Best Thing: Maverick Sabre

I was sitting in TGI Fridays, enjoying my Osso Bucco with a crowd chattering and waiters passing back and forth. On TV was muted sports channel and in the background played a song that I can identify each and every one of it, Warwick Avenue of Duffy etc.

Suddenly there is one song that I couldn't recalled hearing. His vocal and style of singing is not in my database. What I did was, just like everytime I heard a great engaging sound is took out my Tablet and excute Shazam. Beneath all the noise and bustle, it detected Maverick Sabre 'I Need' and I was like..."Okeeey...this is new!"

You see wherever I am, I always alert about music. Through conversation with my friend, my mind was lingering what was on the speaker.

Review coming soon...

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